Colombo Property Management is one of the oldest real property partnerships in Sri Lanka. Established in 1971 to aid the property department of the Law Firm D M Swaminathan Associates it has in the last 45 years catered to the needs of its ever-growing clientele.

The firm in the last four decades has helped foreign and local clients find properties for major developments and infrastructure project in Sri Lanka. We are proud to have provided the properties used for some of Colombo’s first luxury apartment complexes.

We have also in the past dealt with some of the most expensive real estate in Sri Lanka including multi Billion Rupee (SLR) properties in the center of Colombo’s Business district (Fort area) and luxury properties in Colombo 7

With our head office in Colombo we employ professionals to offer onsite legal and property management services catering to the needs of our clients. Our staff comprise of talented and qualified individuals including lawyers, real estate developers and trained estate agents of impeccable character and skill.

Leading commercial and property law firm  D.M.Swaminathan Associates provide us with the necessary legal support.

Welcome to Colombo Property Management.

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